About Me

I’ve been working in IT industry for over 10 years now. I have had extensive experience in client-facing roles and leverage it ensure total customer satisfaction with the product delivered.

Prior Experience

I am well versed in the art of maintaining good relationship with the clients and have them tell me what exactly their expectations are at every point from start to the delivery of the product. Since I did manage small teams of 6-10 people starting in my last 3 years of work, I know the complexities involved in getting the requirements converted into well-defined tasks.

I’ll share posts on setting up everything - from buying a web domain to setting up web hosting. I’ll also blog on the technologies I’ve learnt so that it can be useful to people who are new to them, as I know how difficult it is to start looking for resources that give the complete picture.


I’ve been freelancing since the beginning of 2017. My main focus areas are website design, editorial services and content writing services. I’m actively involved in learning new technologies like Angular.js, node.js and Ruby on Rails in my free time. And since I love to read a good story, I do read a lot of novels. I go through at least 100 books in a year. Hence, my passion for the written word!

Editorial Services

  • Book Editing
    1. Copyediting
    2. Developmental Editing
    3. Proofreading Services
    4. Organisation and Content
    5. Plot and Pacing
  • Research Articles
    1. Manuscript Formatting
    2. Plagiarism Check
    3. Journal Submissions

Writing Services

  • Content Writing
    1. Article writing
    2. Blog writing
    3. Social Media writing
    4. SEO Copywriting
  • Technical Writing
    1. Product Documentation
    2. Help Resources
    3. How To's

Contact Me

If you are looking for an editor or a writer, send me an email with your requirements at amith.raravi@gmail.com. I usually reply within a day.

I’m always looking forward to connect with new people! Find me on GitHub, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, XDA, Good Reads and Runkeeper.