Your own website - Part I

Ideas had been running through your head for sometime now, and you have decided to act on it.

Okay, so you have finally decided to host a website for yourself.

In this blog post, I’ll take you through the process of buying a domain. I know you are excited about that personal digital space that you can own completely and do whatever you want with it!

Buy a domain for yourself


There are a few things to consider before you make your decision. This also involves thinking of how much you are ready to spend. Money matters!

Decide on a name: Since this is something that will stay on in the Interwebs for time immemorial, the name is something you need to be sure about. Take your time to come up with something that really identifies with you. Got a name that you love? Fantastic, let’s move on!

Where to buy it: The popular places to buy your domain are GoDaddy, BigRock, ZNet, NameCheap & HostGator. Once you enter your domain name, these sites will let you know if it’s available or not. If not, they suggest you go for a or or any of the other myriad choices.


It’s preferred that you own a .com domain. Why? Because a .com is more common, and is more popular than any other option right now. And our minds are wired to think “dot com”! But if you have a web development blog in mind and you want to name it because that is a perfect fit for you, then go for it!! What it comes down to is your personal choice and your budget for buying a domain. Don’t take too long though, this is but your first step :)

My next blog post will discuss how to set up web hosting for the domain that you’ve just bought!