Content Editing

Content Editing

Role: Content Editor

Duration: June 2017 till date.

Most writers struggle to articulate their ideas clearly and their papers fail to meet international standards of publication. As an editor, I help writers improve the language and clarity of their documents and ensure that the documents comply with style and format requirements.

  • Edited for clarity, concision, and mechanical consistency.
  • Edited for grammar, punctuation, and usage.
  • Generate thoughtful and constructive feedback regarding content and structure.
  • Edited hundreds of essays for applicants to business, medical, and law schools.
  • Wrote detailed critiques and advice to ensure clients’ satisfaction with edits.
  • Ensure footnote, bibliographical, and stylistic adherence to various style guides. I’m familiar with all the major formats used such as CMS/APS/MLA/APA/Harvard/AMA formatting styles and can quickly fix all the issues in them.
  • Proofread and copy-edit various written guides in order to comply with company standards as well as generally accepted writing norms.
  • Excellent written English skills and attention to detail.
  • Familiarity with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.