Twitter bot

Twitter bot

A Twitter bot for my account!

Source: github

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I started this project with the intention of learning Twitter APIs, and it grew into a nice little bot for keeping track of recent updates on my Twitter. The code is written in Javascript which runs in node.js environment and is deployed on Heroku.

It demonstrates the following capabilities:


Tweet something interesting from any source!


Retweet based on a query string and filter conditions.


Follow a user based on preferences such as hashtags, Sentiment AFINN scores.

Greet New Followers

Greet new followers with a welcome message. An easy way to kick start conversations!


Follow these steps to set up your own twitter bot from this repository:

  1. Fork this repository.

  2. Get Developer access on your twitter account, or create a new account. You will get 4 keys from there: API key, API secret key, Access token, Access token secret.

  3. Use the 4 keys/tokens to initialize the Twit code. You can access the documentation at twit for help with this.

  4. Create a Free-Tier Heroku account, and create a new app in there. See the node.js deployment page on Heroku for more information.

Have fun!