Content Creation

Content Creation

Role: Content Creator

Duration: September 2017 till date.

Along with the articles I publish here, I also write on Medium, on LinkedIn, on Google+ and on Instagram. The posts on each platform are designed to cater to the audience on it.

I have written a variety of technical and non-technical documents per the projects contract.

  • Completed writing assignments according to set standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology.
  • Created drawings, sketches, diagrams, charts, and utilised information mapping to illustrate material and increase end user’s understanding of material.
  • Provided technical documentation for the specific projects guided by the various Development teams.
  • Edited and developed instructor PowerPoint presentations.
  • Reviewed documents for completeness, format, and compliance with contract requirements.
  • Created document repository using SharePoint and Wiki tools.
  • Authored technical documentation and best practices for the help desk knowledge base.
  • Maintained the style guide so that documentation is consistent across various departments/projects.