Be Limitless!

There was a hope, which was more than hope.


It is seen in a kid’s incredible joy at being alive, at being able to do wondrous things, and experiencing something new. The kid is not good at it and it doesn’t matter. What matters is the experience!

There is no fear, only an excitement of doing! It’s all about the moment, this moment!

As we grow up, we are constantly told that what we do isn’t enough. So we do things that are expected, which keeps taking a chunk out of us every time. And we learn to hide in the daily schedules of our busy lives.

Why should it be normal only if everybody agrees it is so? Why not let things be as they are? Why give them a label? Why rationalize the normal to fit the average?


So we learn to like what we do. To be happy, we ride a wave, from low to high. A new phone! A new car! These are a never ending cycle of waves. And the amount of happiness felt will reduce with every subsequent wave ridden. It’s how humans are wired, to always look for more. And we keep looking for the “Bigger Better Deal”…

We stop looking at our life choices. But this isn’t enough, this so-called life and its complications. The mind needs to wander and find things on its own. To recognize ourselves in what we do, and not keep mimicking the world’s choices.

The puzzle fits, The shoe drops, The mind knows finally.

Have the courage to be what you want to be. Just do it. Worry about the consequences later.

Until the realization sinks in, that happiness and sadness are as much a part of life as we are, and stays there. That as long as we live, they are a constant part of our life. Until we accept this, we will not be free to be our own self!

The point of living is to live. Not to be happy, not to be sad, but to live itself.


Remove the limits placed on you by society (which you have learned to adapt to) and look out. Everything has so much potential! You just didn’t see it!

Time to live a new experience. Out with the old, in with the new!!

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