Me, Myself & I

There are times when what you are becomes more than just a passing thought…

It turns into a deeper quest to find yourself, and what that means to you as a living breathing human being. It’s no longer enough to just live day after day. You are not satisfied with just making money anymore. You need to know why you really need that money, and what you want out of life.


Tattoos are an expression of the soul. And also an extension of it. My tattoos are my interpretation of what I see myself as right now. I’m a traveller who has started on a journey, a journey so personal that I don’t have the words to express what I mean.

The one on the right is a phoenix - I will always rise from the ashes of my old self. Reinvent. Reborn. As a stronger better me. It’s a constant reminder, and a call to keep moving forward. It inspires me. One look at it, and I know that nothing else matters except doing what my soul needs me to do.

The one on the left is a compass with the quotes - “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”. It’s inspired by my love for Lord of the Rings, an allegory of the epic journey that awaits us all in our ‘real’ lives. I believe all of us have our unique path to take through life. And we have to navigate our way through unexplored thoughts and unexplained desires.

A life awaits…..!!!