Moving to my new Home!

It has finally happened, I’ve moved to a place which I can call my own. Such a sweet feeling!


It’s difficult to think of moving away from a locality where you have lived for ever. You know every street for miles around. That’s what holds you back - the familiarity. The people, the shops, the apparent safety. All you have to do is take that first step, get that foot out the front door. What I mean is, make up your mind to take the first step. Decide that you are ready. After that it’s all smooth sailing. Well, not really :)

The incredible feeling of first-time Home ownership can only be understood by people who have been living in rented spaces all their lives. And that’s what we need to keep in mind. The excitement of something new! It should scare you as much as it excites you.

Through all the confusion of moving to and setting up my new home, there was only one central thought - Movement. There is only so much you can plan - all I remember now is I decided to call the Movers & Packers for a particular date. That started the ball rolling!

There were some mix-ups too. Like it took a while for the Movers to find my place, which delayed our plans. And once they did arrive, everything happened so fast that it was quite difficult to keep track of what went where. The custom painting job at my new place, which was supposed to finish the day before, was coinciding with the move. This in turn led to a whole list of concurrency (I’m a developer, these work jargon slip through unnoticed sometimes) issues.

This article on Medium says it all about planning :)

It’s all a blur though - it’s a continuous procession of people, of fixing up stuff and of putting things inside cabinets. Yet, the excitement I had on the day when I moved in is still there, a week after the move. It still makes me smile.

The final sign that you are home - blast your music at full volume whenever you want to, babyyyy!!!!

Here’s to all the new things to be experienced and wisdom (hopefully :-P) to be gained!!